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With all the nice code syntax highlighting widgets out there, I figure there must be a client side JavaScript solution that will take a blob of SQL and tidy up its formatting.

I already found but testing has show it to be fairly flawed, at least on T-SQL code.

Any other similar bits of open source code for client side beautification of SQL code?

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@PavelEvstigneev, while interesting, it isn't javascript. –  DG. Feb 26 at 3:20
Although this question is clearly off-topic it seems that it could have been made an exception since what OP is asking about is quite hard to come by. –  Olga Sep 22 at 17:34
It is extremely frustrating that we can't ask questions like this on SO. Where else are we suppose to ask for help finding libraries and frameworks in a particular language? I'm also not sure I agree that this question is "clearly off-topic". It may not be dead center at the core of JS programming, but it still seems reasonably on-topic to me. –  DG. Sep 26 at 6:36

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There is now SQL Fiddle, which has as one of the engines you can use SQL Server. You can read the details in the about page, and see the code on Github. The author Jake Feasel, a current StackOverflow user who liked JSFiddle and wanted something similar for SQL.

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Thanks, but site doesn't seem to have any option to "take a blob of SQL and tidy up its formatting". –  DG. Mar 30 '12 at 5:41

Thanks much to Tony Miller for his mention of my site,, however I believe the questioner is actually looking for a site like this:

I've used this site extensively for my own instant-sql formatting needs. You can't use this site to execute your SQL (like mine does), however you're looking to just format it, so viola!

Perhaps I should link to this formatter from

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Thanks, but I'm not looking for a site. I'm looking for code. I've seen the site you link to. It isn't client side. It isn't open source. (BTW, looked at - nice work. I would highly recommend a simple GUI for creating sample tables, and also some "populate with dummy data" options.) –  DG. Mar 30 '12 at 5:39

I realize this question is old, but here goes anyway.

It sounds like you prefer something client side, but the next best thing is a service you can call via JavaScript. Enter SQLFormat. They have a simple API that returns JSON, so it's good to go.

I'm not a huge fan of some of the formatting decisions, but it's free & consistent.

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