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I am getting "could not find or load main class" error even though i am setting the class path correctly.

Here is my directory structure:


Inside axis2 directory, i have my Client.class file.

Now, to run the Client class file, i gave the following command from src directory

java -cp "C:\Documents and Settings\F1QBWFA\My Documents\Downloads\temp\src\org\apache\ws\axis2" org\apache\ws\axis2\Client

I tried this as well:

java -cp "C:\Documents and Settings\F1QBWFA\My Documents\Downloads\temp\src\org\apache\ws\axis2"

And i get the same error. What am i doing wrong here?

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Shouldn't it be

java -cp "C:\Documents and Settings\F1QBWFA\My Documents\Downloads\temp\src"

Class path should refer to the root of your package structure, not to the specific folder of the inner package. Of course I'm assuming you have package; at the beginning of

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As it implies, the classpath is set to a path where you can find, well, classes

I think you might be having classes stored in the bin or the classes directory.

Change your command line to:

java -cp "C:\Documents and Settings\F1QBWFA\My Documents\Downloads\temp\classes"

If you have the classes alongside src, then change it to

java -cp "C:\Documents and Settings\F1QBWFA\My Documents\Downloads\temp\src"

Classpaths should only be set till the root of the package.

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