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Very odd issue. When trying to register a new user on the server, the server will post back messages such as "OK" and "usernameTaken". Upon comparing this returned string with another string (to perform an action based on the returned value), the compare isn't working.

Dim backupX As New CBackup
backupX.startSocket("", 8888)
Dim str1 As String = backupX.registerUser("user1", "testpass")
Dim str2 As String = "usernameTaken"

If String.Equals(str1, str2) Then
    MsgBox("Strings are Equal() ")
    MsgBox("Strings are not Equal() - " & str1 & " vs " & str2)
End If

This results in:


So what this shows is that even though the strings are equal, it sais they aren't. And the MsgBox should be saying Strings are not Equal() - usernameTaken vs usernameTaken, it left the vs usernameTaken part out completely.

What's going on here?

Extra info on CBackup class:

backupX.registerUser function:

Public Function registerUser(ByVal name As String, ByVal password As String) As String
    Dim md5 As New CMD5
    If name.Contains(",") Then
        Return "0-commaInName"
        Return SocketSendAndReceiveMSG("registerUser," & name & "," & md5.GenerateStringHash(password))
    End If
End Function

SocketSendAndReceiveMSG function:

Private Function SocketSendAndReceiveMSG(ByVal msg As String) As String
    Return socket.sendAndReceiveMSG(msg)
End Function

socket.sendAndReceiveMSG function:

Public Function sendAndReceiveMSG(ByVal msg As String) As String
    Dim serverStream As NetworkStream = clientSocket.GetStream()
    sendMSG(msg & "$", serverStream)
    Return receiveMSG(serverStream)
End Function

receiveMSG function

Public Function receiveMSG(ByVal serverStream As NetworkStream) As String
    Dim inStream(10024) As Byte
    Dim buffSize As Integer = clientSocket.ReceiveBufferSize
    serverStream.Read(inStream, 0, buffSize)
    Dim returndata As String = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetString(inStream)
    Form1.msg("Data from Server : " & returndata)
    Return returndata
End Function

Looks to be like the socket code is working just fine.. each Function returns the corresponding Functions' Return value (registerUser -> SocketSendAndReceiveMSG -> sendAndReceiveMSG -> receiveMSG). I don't see how this could be messing the str1 string variable up like this..

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Could the return bytes have contained several backspaces or similar which would cause the above? Have you tried simply outputting the server's return bytes to see what it contains? – Smudge202 Feb 20 '12 at 16:11
@Smudge202 I added msg("Bytes Sent: " & sendBytes.Length) to the server. It reports: Bytes Sent: 13. Looks good to me. EDIT: I also added a check client side; MsgBox("str1 length: " & str1.Length & " - str2 length: " & str2.Length). It reports: str1: 10024 - str2: 13. How strange! Must have something to do with Dim inStream(10024) As Byte in the receiveMSG function.. checking it out now – natli Feb 20 '12 at 16:28
If it doesn't print "vs", then maybe some older version of your code is running? Have you tried rebuilding your solution? If that's not it then maybe your method isn't getting called at all, and another similar method is... – Meta-Knight Feb 20 '12 at 16:58
@Meta-Knight Figured it out, solution is in a comment in Olivier Jacot-Descombes' answer. Thanks. – natli Feb 20 '12 at 17:01
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Set a breakpoint on the line If String.Equals(str1, str2) Then and inspect both strings. Are they of the same length? Is the program stopping at your breakpoint or is another code part running?

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Figured it out. Changed serverStream.Read(inStream, 0, buffSize) to Dim bytesRead = serverStream.Read(inStream, 0, buffSize) and Dim returndata As String = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetString(inStream) to Dim returndata As String = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetString(inStream, 0, bytesRead). – natli Feb 20 '12 at 16:57

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