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iv'e got a ListBox which is bound to a list of Player , the listbox's parent as a datacontext with a property of Players .

          <Binding Path="Players"></Binding>
              <TextBlock  Text="{Binding Name}"></TextBlock>
              <Button ToolTip="Invite To Play" x:Name="btn_InviteToPlay" Click="btn_InviteToPlay_Click>                                         

on the buttons click event i need to get the value of Player that is bound to this listboxitem (the one containing the button which was clicked )

  private void btn_InviteToPlay_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
      Button btn = (Button)sender;
      // how to retrieve player bound to current listboxitem ?   
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btn.DataContext should already contain the Player as the DataContext is inherited by controls in the ListBoxItem.

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If you were binding to ListBox.ItemsSource instead of ListBox.Items then in addition to H.B.'s solution you could:

1) name the list box (say x:Name="theListBox") and retrieve the selected player in your code behind

var player = (Player)theListBox.SelectedValue;

2) add a SelectedPlayer property to your view model and bind that to your list box

<ListBox SelectedValue={Binding SelectedPlayer} />
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