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I have a fatal git error that I can't resolve when I try and git merge:

fatal: unable to read blob object 724b6f6b35fd871a84ab1742099de2c3671d7899

A similar question is here but the difference is that they can't find the blob anyway whereas I can:

./git-find-blob 724b6f6b35fd871a84ab1742099de2c3671d7899


b937291 foo
c616ee2 bar
46c2720 whatever
e48c437 something
057e1b0 ........

where git-find-blob was a program on contributed to another SO question here

git-find-blob finds many commits.

Any ideas how I can fix this? I'm clueless on this one!

Thanks very much :).

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The error is telling you that it can't find a source for that blob object on your filesystem, presumably due to filesystem or repository corruption of some kind.

git-find-blob is finding references to that blob, not the blob itself.

git fsck will check your repository, but will probably just report the same error.

ls -al .git/objects/72/4b6f6b35fd871a84ab1742099de2c3671d7899 to check if it's there at all and if it has messed up permissions, otherwise follow a set of instructions of your choice for recovering from repository corruption; preferably, if everything was pushed, re-cloning?

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Re-cloning didn't work. The blob is from quite a long time ago. I'll look into repo corruption recovery. –  ale Feb 21 '12 at 11:12

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