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I want to have different spring configuration files for different maven profiles. Filtering is close to what i want, but it change only properties inside one file. What i want is include/exclude and rename files depending on profile. For example i have files profile1-config.xml and profile2-config.xml. For profile1 build profile1-config.xml is renamed to config.xml and profile2-config.xml is excluded from build. For profile2 build profile2-config.xml is renamed to config.xml and profile1-config.xml is excluded from build. Is this possible in maven?

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Your idea won't work that way but if you modify it, it will do as follows:

Say you rather create conf folders for every profile and suck it those files.


and so forth. Configure your profile take in those files. If you intend to deploy a different config for some server, it's best working with additional modules and war overlays because you cannot deploy multiple configs of the same module project at once in Nexus or a local repo. More over, consider that many profile will clutter your pom and introduce more complexity to the build.

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