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What is the best way to tweet from an iPhone app?

I know there are some libraries to integrate twitter in an iPhone app like MGTwitterEngine, do I really need it just to sent a tweet? And what is OAuth? is MGTwitterEngine already include OAuth?? Can someone tell me what are the steps I need to do from start?

The app is for ios 4, so using the new twitter framework in ios 5 is not good for me..

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MGTwitterEngine has so many issues. I would suggest you may go for Twitter framework by Apple. – rohan-patel Feb 20 '12 at 17:33

If you are using iOS 5 there is a whole Twitter Framework built in. Otherwise you will have to use a third party library to do this.


Please also do note that Apple will no longer accept anything that can not run on iPhone 5, so you will have to be use iOS 6 SDK or later anyway

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