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I'd like to hide the NSScrollers of NSScrollView. I'm aware of the methods setHasHorizontalScroller: and setHasVerticalScroller:. However, if I disable the scrollers, scrolling in that direction gets disabled as well. I'd like to only hide the scrollers while maintaining the possibility to scroll. Any thoughts on this?

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I was able to do this by doing:

[labelsScrollView setHasHorizontalScroller:YES];
[[labelsScrollView horizontalScroller] setAlphaValue:0];
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Have you checked the NSScrollView Class Reference ?

[scrollView setHasVerticalScroller:NO];

this method doesn't disable scrolling.

If you still do not want to use that method you can also:

[scrollView setHorizontalScroller:nil];
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my English ( Thank you, rokjarc. –  0xDE4E15B Feb 20 '12 at 17:54
Doesn't work. Setting either of these actions results in a scroll view that no longer responds to scroll events for that direction. –  ipmcc May 12 '13 at 19:57

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