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I am writing a report on XSHM (Cross-Site History Manipulation). XSHM basically resolves around SOP (Same Origin Policy).

I am trying to perform tests on SOP using virtual environments and using different web browsers.

However, I am struggling to set up VmWare Player machines to listen on different domains, going through my local machine. Basically, I want to fool the browser to think 'machineA.com' is completely different website on different network to 'machineB.com' so I can perform experiments on the 'Same Origin Policy'

My question is any ideas on how this can be achieved. NOTE - I have thought about setting up a netkit enviroment with different DNS servers but I need a graphical interface so I can test web browsers by creating vulnerable test apps.

Would really appreciate any ideas on how to set up this kind of enviroment

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Set up your VMWare machines to use "bridged" Ethernet connections, which will give them each their own IP address.

On the machine running the browser, edit /etc/hosts to map those IP addresses to different domains. Then you can access the player machines using those (different) domain names.

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