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Guys i really need your help on this one. I am trying to deploy an asp.net website and the problems are endless. My webadmin is not very experienced (or he doesnt care) and my clients are becoming impatient. I dont have access to the machine that my application is being deployed.

I have firebug installed and i can monitor the net activity of the site, while i do my tests.

Problem 1: After successful login, i am redirected to the default page, but javascript doesn't fire up (webresource.axd). If i press F5 everything works.

Problem 2: Navigating through the navigation menu (webresource.axd) i noticed that sometimes pages are loaded ok (navigation menu ok, controls ok, ajax ok, FTB ok), but sometimes they dont. If the page postsback (from a button control) everything works fine or not. After several postbacks there is that one time that everything works fine. From firebug i noticed that sometimes the webresource.axd is not being called at all, sometimes it does but for several reasons it fails (404 not found, length of the key) and sometimes everything works ok.

Problem 3: My session timeouts after 5 minutes. I set timeout limit to 120 in web.config, while the authenitcation timeout is at 2880. My webadmin says to me that he changed the limit from 5 minutes to two hours. I am not sure if he did. Is there somewhere else that i must configure the session timeout, that i'm missing?

Thanks in advance (if i m not fully understood i can provide credentials for someone to visit the website.)

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Have you deployed the site to IIS on a machine that you do have full admin control of (eg your local PC). Its very possible to find issues when you put a site in IIS that don't arise in IDE development. –  Jon Egerton Feb 20 '12 at 17:36
Yes my application works perfectly on my local iis. All these problems are arising in the deployed version. –  user1207483 Feb 20 '12 at 17:47
its too fuzzy what you have type here. webresource have nothing to do with the javascript fire up as you say. What actually is the fire up ? Maybe the only think that I can think of is that have set cache on a page that must have no cache ! –  Aristos Feb 20 '12 at 18:34
No i m saying the exact opposite. If webresource is loaded everything works fine with javascript –  user1207483 Feb 20 '12 at 18:58

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