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I have some images that use the .hover function to fade in and out. It works well except the fadeOut seems to randomly fail. The code I am using is

 $('a.fadeThis').append('<span class="hover" style="display: none"></span>');

     $('div.holder').hover(function() {
        $(this).find('span.hover').stop(true, true).fadeIn(500);
    }, function(e) {
        if( e.target.parentNode === this ) {
        $(this).find('span.hover').stop(true, true).fadeOut(500);

Here is the live site, it seems to do it mainly when you start at goals and make your way to the right and up. Any help would appreciated as I am stuck.

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Have you tried using the .stop method? Check out this thread here – adamdport Feb 20 '12 at 17:28
I'm not seeing any evidence of anything getting stuck. – j08691 Feb 20 '12 at 17:41

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