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Bit of a specific one this..

I'm having trouble using the Openblox diameter stack when using Spring MVC, specifically the init method call on the transport stack:

import com.traffix.openblox.core.transport.TransportStack;

Stack stack = new TransportStack();

I'm getting a null pointer exception on the call to init - note that the Configuration returned from configureStack() is valid and works on non-Spring MVC projects. Heres the stack trace:

 2776 [pool-2-thread-1] WARN com.traffix.openblox.core.fsm.StateMachine  - Idle failed to process <Initiate Transport Stack( Idle) 
    at com.traffix.openblox.core.utils.logging.StackLogger.init(Unknown Source)
    at com.traffix.openblox.core.transport.Stack.g(Unknown Source)
    at com.traffix.openblox.core.transport.TransportStack.g(Unknown Source)
    at com.traffix.openblox.core.transport.u.N(Unknown Source)
    at com.traffix.openblox.core.transport.c$a.processEvent(Unknown Source)
    at com.traffix.openblox.core.fsm.StateMachine.a(Unknown Source)
    at com.traffix.openblox.core.fsm.StateMachine.a(Unknown Source)
    at com.traffix.openblox.core.transport.u.a(Unknown Source)
    at com.traffix.openblox.core.transport.Stack.init(Unknown Source)
    at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method)
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I'd suggest going and digging around in the javap -c disassembly of the StackLogger's init() method class. I'd've had a look for you, but they've gone and run the free version through an obfuscator so I can't guess what code you're actually erroring in. If it's not immediately obvious what the problem is no amount of disassembly reading is probably going to help; obviously you can't post it as its proprietary. – FauxFaux Feb 20 '12 at 18:17
Thanks, seems my version is obfuscated too through and so can't view the class file. – Rory Feb 20 '12 at 18:34
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There is some sort of conflict between Openblox and Tomcat. Workaround for now is by removing conf/ from the Tomcat directory.

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