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I am new to ext-js 4 and stuck on the following. I have a form with 6 radio buttons. Based on the button selected I want to display a grid right next to the form. How can this be done?

e.g: Radio buttons: All, time, priority.

If All is selected by users, it displays time and priority both information.

If time selected then only time information in the grid and so on.

Any pointers?

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You can hide or show columns in your grid:

myGrid.getColumnModel().setHidden(0, true); // hide column 0 (0 = the first column).

If you are asking about two (or maybe more than 2) different grids, you can add them both with different properties "hidden' and then use: gridPanel.hide() and gridPanel.show().

To display grid right next to the form you can use column layout.


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Thanks Svetlana, that helped a lot. –  user890928 Mar 3 '12 at 4:46

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