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I have a TabControl, with 5 TabPages, is there any way I can go through every tab pragmatically? I want to be able to see on what tab the user is, and after he/she clicks a button, the next tab will become available, automatically, so they can write something in that page. Is this possible?

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You can simply change the selected index:

tabControl1.SelectedIndex = (tabControl1.SelectedIndex + 1 < tabControl1.TabCount) ?
                             tabControl1.SelectedIndex + 1 : tabControl1.SelectedIndex;

In my example above, the SelectedIndex is increased based on the presently selected index -- if there is an additional tab to change to.

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this is not the default tab behavior. You should replace the last tabControl1.SelectedIndex by 0... – serhio Apr 26 '13 at 11:40

If we're speaking about WinForms TabControl, there is a property SelectedTab

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Choosing the next tab would be:

  tabControl.SelectedIndex = 
    (tabControl.SelectedIndex + 1) % tabControl.TabCount;

You can get the current Tab with

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myTabs.SelectedTab = myTabs.TabPages["yourTABName"]; will do that easily.

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