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drop: function( event, ui)
            draggableDocumentOffset = ui.helper.offset(),
            droppableDocumentOffset = $(this).offset(),  
            left = draggableDocumentOffset.left - droppableDocumentOffset.left,
            top = draggableDocumentOffset.top - droppableDocumentOffset.top; 

I am using a div as a droppable area. I want to get the position of the dropped element relative to the div in which it is being dropped.

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If you get the size of the page, can you not work it out mathematically? –  Grim... Feb 20 '12 at 17:52

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You can use $(this)'s width to get a percentage (I'm not 100% clear on where the percentage should come from, but using the width/height and the x/y coordinates you can calculate a percentage):

var percentLeft = (left/$(this).width()) * 100,
    percentTop  = (top/$(this).height()) * 100;

Also you seem to be using .offset() in a somewhat strange manor. Have you seen .position(). It gives the position of the element based on it's offset parent rather than the document: http://api.jquery.com/position


To get the position relative to the droppable container you probably only need to use .position():

var left = $(this).position().left,
    top  = $(this).position().top,
    percentLeft = (left / [droppable container].width()) * 100,
    precentTop  = (top / [droppable container].height()) * 100;

Where [droppable container] is a jQuery object with the droppable container selected. The droppable container has to have its position set to something other than static (the default) for it to be the offset parent of the element.

I'm not very familiar with jQuery UI's draggable/droppable but I hope this helps. If not, perhaps you can use some info in the event object to calculate percentage.

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You missed to *100 the result to get it in % and not ratio... –  Valky Feb 20 '12 at 18:03
actually what i am doing is i am using a div in which elements can be dropped. what i want is that when i drop the element in the div i should get the position relative to the div in which it is being dropped –  asad rana Feb 20 '12 at 18:05
@asadrana I updated my answer, but I'm not too familiar with jQuery UI's draggable/droppable so I'm not 100% sure it will work. –  Jasper Feb 20 '12 at 18:20
@Jasper i have edited my question please check it –  asad rana Feb 20 '12 at 18:37

With the height and the width of the droppable item you can calculate the percentage:

top_percentage=(top *100)/h;
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Some mathematic will do the job :

positionPercent = (positionPixel / containerPixelWidth) * 100

Then, in your case :

positionPercentLeft = Math.round(left/$(this).width()*100),
positionPercentTop  = Math.round(top/$(this).height()*100);
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You could convert the pixels to a percentage of the drop div. In the case of your code, you could add:

 div_width =  //width of drop div can use .css() or .width()
 div_height = // height of drop div can use .css() or .height()

 div_left = //left position of div can use .offset()
 div_top = //top postion of div can use .offset()   

 left_percent = ((left - div_left )/div_width) * 100;
 top_percent = ((top - div_top)/div_height) * 100;

Edit: Updated for change in question. This works if the element being dropped is contained by the area. I believe there is a callback for this event.

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