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I have some php scripts that handle uploaded files via forms and stores them using move_uploaded_files(). Because of errors in my code, some uploaded files were not handled properly and were not moved, i.e. they got lost.

I thought that within a reasonable grace period (i.e. few days) I may be able to find them in the /tmp/ folder which is where they are temporarily stored when uploaded. But the files don't seem to be there any more.

I guess there's no way to recover them is it? But I've noticed some strange "socket" files in that folder (such as sso_main.phpapi.socket-0 and the like, all 0-byte) so I'm wondering if there is any hope the files may have actually been stored somewhere else...

Or are they deleted immediately after script execution?

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The file will be deleted from the temporary directory at the end of the request if it has not been moved away or renamed.

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