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I want to loop through all subfolders in c:\my_folder, check if specified file exist then create (if not exist) folder in c:\copy (for example c:\copy\project1) and copy mentioned file.

Is it easy to loop through folders in batch file (for /d %variable in ("path") DO command), but variable contains full path. For creating new folder I need only basename for subfolder. How I can get it? Should I write another for loop when I remove other characters? Is there any easier way?

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What Joey said. On the other hand, you could try a completely different approach:

XCOPY "C:\my_folder\my_file" "C:\copy" /S /I

This will copy the specified file from all subfolders of C:\my_folder to C:\copy with preserving the structure. Subfolders that do not have my_file will not be created in C:\copy. The /S switch tells XCOPY to search for my_file in subfolders. The /I parameter is there to make sure C:\copy should be a folder, before proceeding.

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so, should I type something like that: for /d %%d in (C:\my_folder) do (xcopy %%d\myfile c:\copy /S /I)? I can't check it now, because I'm currently working under Linux machine. –  matandked Feb 26 '12 at 17:36
@matandked: No, just xcopy, without any loop. At least, that was what I tried and it worked for me the way I've described in my answer. –  Andriy M Feb 27 '12 at 5:48

If I understand you correctly you want just the folder name. In that case this is easy:

for /d %%d in (C:\my_folder) do echo %%~nxd
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