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Suppose I have a setup like the following:

class User {
    static hasMany = [items : Item];

class Item {
    String name;

I'm trying to select all Users that have an Item in that hasMany mapping. I have an id of an Item, and want to find all users that “have” that item.

Is there a HQL query I can run that will do this or better yet, a built in GORM function that handles this query?

Supposing this were straight SQL I would do something like:

SELECT `user_id` FROM `user_item` WHERE `item_id`=[ID]

Looking in H2 I can write the query


I can expand this SQL to include the entire user object:

SELECT * FROM user, user_item WHERE user_item.item_id=[item id] AND = user_user.user_items_id;
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This HQL will work:

Item item = ...
   'from User u where :item in elements(u.items)',
   [item: item])
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