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I need help in how to remove the last comma from this looped var, please.

$image_meta .= "{\"id\":\"".$img_id."\",\"client\":\"".$img_desc."\",\"desc\":\"Test\"},";

FireFox doesn't seem to mind it, but IE does.

If there is any way to even get rid of the .= and loop my data in another way, i would be most thankful.

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why don't you use the built in json serializer? –  Daniel A. White Feb 20 '12 at 18:30

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We would need to see the rest of the script. But from what I understand of your situation, when you echo $image_meta (after the loop I suppose) you could do one of the two:

echo rtrim($image_meta,',');


echo substr($image_meta,0,-1);
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Ah there we go, thank you very very very much, this did the trick. Most apprecated –  Khaled Feb 20 '12 at 18:36

You can do like this:

$ar_image_meta = array();

for/foreach() // your loop
  $ar_image_meta[] = '{"id":"'.$img_id.'","client":"'.$img_desc.'","desc":"Test"}';

$image_meta = implode(", ", $ar_image_meta);

If your goal is to "convert" a PHP variable to a Javascript one, have a look at json_encode().

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look at implode:


Just to clarify, I'm guessing your doing something similar to this:

$image_meta = '';
foreach($blahs as $blah){
   $image_meta .= "{\"id\":\"".$img_id."\",\"client\":\"".$img_desc."\",\"desc\":\"Test\"},";

Something like this should work:

$image_meta_arr = array();
foreach($blahs as $blah){
   array_push($image_meta, "{\"id\":\"".$img_id."\",\"client\":\"".$img_desc."\",\"desc\":\"Test\"}";

$image_meta = implode(',', $image_meta_arr);
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I checked the whole implode function, but failed at using it with just that 1 line, any idea how can implant it? –  Khaled Feb 20 '12 at 18:33
Just updated to clarify what I meant :) –  MarkR Feb 20 '12 at 18:45

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