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How can i set a child div to x px left and y px top when adding to another div


<div id="divContainer"> </div>


 $.get(target, function (data) {
        $(data).appendTo('#divContainer').css( { left:100,top:200});               

The get request will give me the markup for another div.

This does not work for me ( positioning to left and top). Any thoughts ?

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Do you have divContainer set with position:relative; and the data you're adding set with position:absolute;? –  romo Feb 20 '12 at 18:41

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You'll need to set the position as well.

$(data).appendTo('#divContainer').css( {position: "absolute",left:100,top:200});  

By default, a div has a position of static. top and left do not affect elements with static position.

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