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I am creating a simple app that displays a gridview with a menu at the top. One of the menu buttons when clicked places a seekbar on the view right below it. The user can then move the slider to change the size of the items in the gridview. I can handle that part just fine, the issue comes when trying to get rid of the seekbar. I need a way to find out when the seekbar has lost focus. I tried using the setOnFocusChangeListener but it never seems to get called. Some of the code is below

public class MainActivity extends Activity implements OnFocusChangeListener {
    SeekBar seek;

    public boolean onOptionItemSelected(MenuItem item) {
        if(item.getId() ==
            if(seek != null) {
                seek = new SeekBar(this);
                layout.addView(seek, layoutparams);
            } else {
                seek = null;

    public void onFocusChange(Viewv, boolean hasFocus) {


Everything works except when I scroll through the list the seekbar is still visible. Maybe this isnt the best way to do what I want, any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I modified the code above to fix an error I was getting when you click the button twice.

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So I think found a solution that I think works pretty well. Since I am using the seekbar I use the onStopTrackingTouch() method to find out when the use lifts their finger and use that as an indicator of when to remove the slider.

public void onStopTrackingTouch(SeekBar seekBar) {
    if(seekBar != null){
        seekBar = null;
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