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When you open a file with mixed line endings, Visual Studio will prompt you to normalize it. Is there a way to normalize all files in the current solution?

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Visual Studio doesn't have a mechanism for normalizing line endings for an entire solution. The feature is essentially limited to checking if a file is correct upon opening and changing at that point.

The normalization of the line endings though is an API that is exposed by Visual Studio in IEditorOperations::NormalizeLineEndings. Hence it is possible to write a plugin / script which does the action against items in the solution.

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That is nice! I've never written a plugin / script for VS, can I just open up a PowerShell console and write some loop over all solution files? –  Borek Feb 20 '12 at 18:58
@Borek unfortunately it's actually not very easy. The main problem you'll run into is that there's not a great definition of what a user controlled file is. For example you probably don't want to do this against say a generated file but it doesn't look much different than a normal file from an API perspective. Also not all files in the IDE have a real physical file backing them on disk (also hard to tell from an API). In general enumerating the files will work but you end up with all of these corner / special cases. In all likelyhood it's why the VS behavior is what it is today –  JaredPar Feb 20 '12 at 19:01
That's a pity, I thought there would be an easy way to get a list of everything I see in a solution explorer (and is a file). –  Borek Feb 20 '12 at 19:07
@Borek you can definitely get a list of everything you see by enumerating the list of project items. But actually poking the project item and determining if it's a real user file is tricky. It's a heuristic at best. I wish I had a decent one to throw your way but I avoid the project items for this very reason. –  JaredPar Feb 20 '12 at 19:11

You can create a bat file that normalize all files recursively.

  1. Download the command line tool Tofrodos.
  2. Create a bat file in the root of you solution directory with the following content:

for /R %%i in (*.cs) do "C:\Prgs\Tofrodos\todos.exe" -p "%%i"

Note that you have to update the file path to todos.exe, and possibly the *.cs filter.

Then you run the bat file and wait for it to finish.

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