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I am trying to make an HTML5 game using Canvas. I have a piece of code which supposed to move bg:

function drawScene() { // main drawScene function
clear(); // clear canvas
// draw background
context = document.getElementById("gameCanvas").getContext('2d');
bgShiftX -= 3;
if (bgShiftX <= -100) {
   bgShiftX = 0;
  context.drawImage(floor, 0 + bgShiftX, 410);
  context.drawImage(city, 0 + bgShiftX, 175);

But I can't figure out how to make it move smooth and do not jump when it reaches -100px on X, so I need it move continuously. And also I want it to move when player press moveKey and reaches middle of the screen.

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You'll need to add a keydown() event listener for your moveKey. For instance, if it were the up arrow, you would write this:

window.addEventListener('keydown', function(e){ moveMe(e), false);
function moveMe(e) {
  if (e.keyCode === '38') {
    // shift up

If you want it not to shift back to its floor value when it reaches -100px on X, then you'll need to start incrementing bgShiftX.

if (bgShiftX <= -100) {
function incrementX() {
  bgShiftX += 3;

I hope this helps to clarify some things.

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Thank you for help but now I get this: butkoalina.com/game It goes off the screen and deosn't want to be infinite... –  Curious Programmer Feb 20 '12 at 21:34

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