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All, I have been trying to import some sample actionscript package into my flash project. The sample code is defined in the org.red5.flash.bwcheck package.

In my flash project's (flash 8 and actionscript 2.0) actions frame:

I added these lines at the beginning:

import org.red5.flash.bwcheck.app.*;
import org.red5.flash.bwcheck.events.*;
import org.red5.flash.bwcheck.*;

and add the call to this package in my code

function start()
    serverURL = settingsManager.getIP();
    serverApplication = "live";
    clientServerService = "checkBandwidthUp";
    serverClientService = "checkBandwidth";
    trace("calling connect()");

The connect() is a function defined org.red5.flash.bwcheck.app.BandwidthDetectionApp. Nothing happens when I test the movie.

I added these paths to both action script 2.0's settings and project preferences: ./org/red5/flash/bwcheck ./org/red5/flash/bwcheck/app ./org/red5/flash/bwcheck/events

when I test or debug movie, the connect() does not seem to be called.

If I called the connect with the full path name:

Then I got a lot of syntax errors about the sample code which should not have errors.

My question is how do I import package and use it in my Actions Frame?

Thanks, Peter

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