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I have the following rule:

     <to last="true">/users.do$1</to>

And I want to match the following url:


and redirect it to:


The problem is that when the url rewriter engine finds the "?" character in the url it does not return anything else in the $1 matched parameter. Neither it adds the parameters to the query string. Any ideas?

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normally this is done by adding a qsa (query-string-append) to the rule, which unfortunately seems to be not supported. Maybe adding %{QUERY_STRING} can help? But that's not tested. –  Karsten S. Feb 21 '12 at 0:50
Thanks for the insight I've discovered that there is a way to achieve this using variables. For the query string the good one is %{query-string} –  Fgblanch Feb 21 '12 at 9:38

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Finally I've found a way to solve this:


     <to last="true">/users.do?%{query-string}</to>
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There is a better way, try to add use-query-string="true" in urlrewrite

<urlrewrite use-query-string="true">

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this works great.. –  Abhi Jan 16 at 12:23
This is the more appropriate solution. –  hitec Aug 14 at 17:41

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