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I'm getting the following errors when trying to run tests:

Using Rails 3.2.1

$ rake test Run options:

Running tests:


Finished tests in 0.012787s, 782.0346 tests/s, 0.0000 assertions/s.

1) Error: test_user_entry_no_email(UserTest): NameError: uninitialized constant UserTest::Users /home/nowobil1/projectDresser/test/unit/user_test.rb:12:in `block in '

2) Error: test_user_entry_no_username(UserTest): NameError: uninitialized constant UserTest::Users /home/nowobil1/projectDresser/test/unit/user_test.rb:18:in `block in '

3) Error: test_valid_user_entry,_only_username_and_email(UserTest): NameError: uninitialized constant UserTest::Users /home/nowobil1/projectDresser/test/unit/user_test.rb:5:in `block in '

3 tests, 0 assertions, 0 failures, 3 errors, 0 skips

Here is my test file:

    1 require 'test_helper'¬                                                                                                                                    
    2 ¬
    3 class UserTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase¬
    4    test "valid user entry, only username and email" do¬
    5       user = Users.new¬
    6       user.username = "testUser1"¬
    7       user.email = "testEmail@mail1.com"¬
    8       assert user.save, "Saved a valid user entry"¬
    9    end¬
   10 ¬
   11   test "user entry no email" do¬
   12       user = Users.new¬
   13       user.username = "testUser2"¬
   14       assert !user.save, "Saved a user without email"¬
   15   end¬
   16 ¬
   17   test "user entry no username" do¬
   18       user = Users.new¬
   19       user.email = "noUsername@email.com"¬
   20       assert !user.save, "Saved a user without username"¬
   21   end¬
   22 end¬
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Based on conventional naming, your model will be named User, not Users (however, your table is named users).

Try replacing Users with User on lines 5, 12, and 18.

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Thanks for clarifying. Works perfectly now. –  user1221866 Feb 20 '12 at 20:20

Use User instead of Users in your tests pls.

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