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I am using Spring with DbUnit to test my DAOs. I have an TestExecutionListener to add/delete data from DB before and after each test class. Here is my abstract test class

{ DependencyInjectionTestExecutionListener.class,CleanInsertTestExecutionListener.class}
public abstract class AbstractDaoTests {

I have grouped my tests into a Suite and when I execute the Suite, only the first few tests run and then tests hangs indefinitely. Not sure what would be the cause of it. I don't see any exceptions either. Any idea or pointers on what could be causing it would be very helpful. I am able to run the individual tests but the issue happens when I try to run them in a suite. Also, I am using Apache Commons pool BasicDataSource to access the DB.

Thanks, Javid

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Strange. The issue was with the Apache Commons DBCP. For some strange reason, the connection was blocking. I would assume it ran out of connections after few tests, but still can't understand why it would run out of connections. – user320587 Feb 20 '12 at 23:29

Found the issue. I was not closing the DBUnit Connection object in my TestExecutionListeners in the beforeTestClass & afterTestClass methods. Closing the connection fixed the issue.

Thanks, Javid

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