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This is a little tricky, I'd like to generate some graph lines for a frequency spectrum.


See how the x-axis graph lines change logarithmically in this way...

What i need is the maths to do this above. And then a way to plot x coordinates accurately upon it.

I want to be plotting frequencies between 20Hz to 16000Hz across the x-axis in this way.

(I'm not too worried about the drawing part I can use canvas, i'm just stuck on the maths)

I think i would then need a function to convert say 1525Hz into px (or%) to be plotted on it.

Many thanks

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i'd use something like this (live example on jsFiddle):

var min_f = Math.log(20) / Math.log(10),
    max_f = Math.log(16000) / Math.log(10),
    range = max_f - min_f,
    position_px = (Math.log(frequency) / Math.log(10) - min_f) / range * width_px
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Excellent. This works, thank you. At first I thought it would need to be repeated as it looks like there are a few next to each other. But that's not the case, only the unit division change. Thanks. –  Mulhoon Feb 21 '12 at 15:14

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