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How i store a binary hash password in a binary type column with the CRUD module? In pure JAVA Usually i use the Apache Commons codec libs to store the binary hash into a postgresql bytea column, but i cannot generate neither the bytea column with the Model class or the binary hash... Any help please.

In the Model class i set the property as bytea with annotations as follows

@Column(nullable=false, columnDefinition="BYTEA NOT NULL")
public byte[] hash;

, but the CRUD controller dont display a textbox to put an input for the password to be hashed.

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Create a separate @Transient String field for the password, to be filled in from CRUD input:

public String password;

Then remove the @Required annotation from your hash field. It does not need to be filled in from CRUD at all.

Next, create a new method and annotate it with @PrePersist, so it will be executed before the model is saved:

public void prePersist() throws Exception {
    this.hash = Codec.hexMD5(this.password.getBytes());


To have the @Transient field appear on your CRUD view, you need to customize the blank view of CRUD of your controller. Open a shell / command prompt and execute the following command (replacing "your_controller" with the actual name of your controller class):

play crud:ov --template your_controller/blank

This should copy the CRUD blank.html template to views/your_controller/blank.html in your application. Open that file, look for the #{crud.form /} tag, and add the following code below it:

<div class="crudField crud_password">
    <label for="object_password">&{'label.password'}</label>
    <input id="object_password" type="password" name="object.password" value="" />
    <span class="crudHelp"></span>

The password field should now appear after your other form fields.

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thanks for your response. i was exploring the database way of triggering the hash at the insertion, but i'll definetly gonna try your response. –  JuanToroMarty Feb 21 '12 at 12:05
the @Transient field does not show in the Users CRUD form. I'm doing something wrong? –  JuanToroMarty Feb 21 '12 at 15:15
No, you're right, I forgot that the @Transient field does not appear in the view automatically. I updated my answer with added instructions. –  Tommi Feb 22 '12 at 6:11
Hey, thanks for the help, the data now is being stored, but i cannot retrieve the data now. I'm trying to modify the show.html template like i did with the blank.html one, but i guess i can set the question as answered. –  JuanToroMarty Feb 24 '12 at 1:11

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