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I can share a location with google maps providing the lat and lon parameters. For example;


With the "ll" parameter i can center the map there. Is there a way to put the marker to the position specified?

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If you use 'q' on its own as in:


then you will get a green pointer at the point of the coordinates provided but you'll also get an unwanted additional red marker for a nearby point of interest, which doesn't look good and can be confusing for the viewer.

Best option is to use 'q=loc:' as in:


This will only display a single red marker for the coordinates provided and centres the map on that point.

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There is a parameter saddr .

It's actually meant to place a marker for the start of a route, but you may use it to place a marker and share the location(including the marker)

But of course you also can save a public map and share it.

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Just use "q". It'll put a marker there.


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Have a look at the following:


I've just been looking at doing the same thing come up with something along the lines of:


So here I have the color, label text and location separated by %7C for the pipe delimiters detailed in the API

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