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How can I redirect a user to a specific URL if the user publishes and to a different URL if he skips?


The above example redirects the user to same URL whether he clicks publish or skip.

I tried the example given below:

  FB.init({appId: " id", status: true, cookie: true});

  function postToFeed() {

    // calling the API ...
    var obj = {
      method: 'feed',
      link: 'link to share',
      picture: 'gggg',
      name: 'ggg',
      caption: 'ggg.',
      description: 'ggg.'

    function callback(response) {
      document.getElementById('msg').innerHTML = "Post successfully published, Post ID: " +     response['post_id'] + " click here";

var str = "Click here to activate your new timeline facebook profile!";
document.write(str.link("redirection url here"));


    FB.ui(obj, callback);

But the above example also is unable to give results.

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<script type="text/javascript">
FB.init({appId: "YOUR_APP_ID", status: true, cookie: true});
  function share_me() {
      method: 'feed',
      app_id: 'YOUR_APP_ID',
      link: 'SHARE_URL',
      picture: 'PIC_URL',
      name: 'SHARE_NAME',
      caption: 'SHARE_CAPTION',
      description: 'SHARE_DESCRIPTION'
      if(response && response.post_id) {
        self.location.href = 'SUCCESS_URL'
      else {
        self.location.href = 'CANCEL_URL'
  <div onclick="share_me()">Share</div>

A bit different from yours but I hope you get the idea. We're using our own framework so I can't guarantee the FB initialization is correct :(

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Should i replace //successful post with the url i want to redirect the user to? – Ramanvir Sodhi Feb 20 '12 at 21:23
yes, you can use self.location.href = 'your_url_here' or top.location.href = 'your_url_here' depending on your needs – Alexander Nenkov Feb 20 '12 at 21:26
ok thanks a lot ..i'll try and then tell u.. – Ramanvir Sodhi Feb 20 '12 at 21:30
The previous code i was using used to work in html webpage. Sorry if i am asking a noob question...but how to get the above code to work... – Ramanvir Sodhi Feb 20 '12 at 21:43
reworked it. It's working 99% :) I'm only not sure on the FB.init because we initialize it in framework and I never use it :) – Alexander Nenkov Feb 20 '12 at 22:07

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