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I have umbraco with SQL Server CE 4 as database. And it is running on unoeuro hosting. When I trying to copy the whole project to my local directory with ftp client all files are copied except the .sdf database file.

Could you please suggest or explain why?

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This is the old post but for all the future readers here is a simple workaround:

Create a new file on the root of the website called app_offline.htm - that will kill the site. Next download the sdf file using FTP, delete app_offline.htm to start the website again and that should do it.

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In Visual Studio, select your database and open it's properties. There should be a field called "Copy to output directory". Set that to "Copy always".

It should now be in your bin folder

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The .sdf file is locked by the website connections to the Database file. ive found the simplest workaround is to create a copy of the .sdf file, download it, then rena

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