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Here is my code. For some reason when adding tags with quotes, only every other one retains the quotes (My delimiter is tab):

>user.tag(domain, :with => "\"one\"\t\"two\"\t\"three\"", :on => :tags)

>domain.owner_tags_on(@user, :tags)
 => [#<ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 360, name: "\"two\"">, #<ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 365, name: "one">, #<ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 377, name: "three">]

result when rendered

"two" one three

I've tried placing single quotes around tags with quotes, but that results in every other tag having a single quote.

I am confused as to why my attempts work 50% of the time. Can someone please shed some light on this

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