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I have a route like this:


its defined as:

                        new { controller = "Catalog", action = "Category", SeName = UrlParameter.Optional },
                        new { categoryId = @"\d+" },
                        new[] { "Nop.Web.Controllers" });

Now, on all the pages having this url, I want to get SeName value (here is `legetoj')

In my view (header) I've tried this with: ViewContext.RouteData.Values["SeName"] but it returns empty..

Do you know what I am doing wrong?

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Just set up an action with the same name parameter as you would like to accept such as:

public ActionResult Category(int categoryId, string SeName) {
// do stuff

It should automatically insert that value inside the variable.

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Unfortunately I need this parameter in the view to pass to another @Html.Action –  Cristian Boariu Feb 20 '12 at 22:14
@CristianBoariu - So pass it to the view from your controller. That's the correct way to do it. –  Erik Funkenbusch Feb 20 '12 at 22:16
To be more explicit: I don't need it in the Category View but in my header...so my header already accepts another model that's why I don't want to mix the things here... –  Cristian Boariu Feb 20 '12 at 22:18

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