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I want to try my hand at some handwriting recognition. I was wondering what the standard approach to doing this is. I was thinking a hidden markov model might be a good model to use, and am not sure what dataset would be useful to train on.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Have you seen this book : Character Recognition Systems by Cheriet, Kharma, Liu, and Suen. I hope it would be worth a try.

Googling give you a lot of papers on this topic.

I found this project long ago. It also has a link to some dataset. I haven't tried it. I saw it while simple browsing.


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You want to use a multi-class classification algorithm. I will recommend that you take a look at the lectures at http://www.ml-class.org. Prof Ng @ Stanford has solved this exact problem in his programming exercises. You want to look at exerices 3 and 4.

He has used gradient descent to solve the problem and acheived 94% training accuracy

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