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I want to use jquery masonry plugin and ajax function to show result of user's search.

I get the data and adds them to the container and I call masonry functions. But it doesn't work properly. Here is my simple code:

<div id="container">

var $container = $('#container');
$container.masonry({itemSelector : '.boxes',isFitWidth: true });

$.get("ajax.php?s=searcStr", function(data){
$container.append( data ).masonry( 'appended', data , true);
$container.masonry( 'reload' );

and output of ajax.php?s=searcStr is something like :

<div class="boxes">...</div>
<div class="boxes">...</div>
<div class="boxes">...</div>

do you have any Idea?

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}); missing in the end of the script?

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