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I am sending out an email that gets a variety number of images from a db. The email will be sent from putting Strings together. There is a

 String topEmail;
 String middleEmail: (This needs to be all the images)
 String bottomEmail;

The email message will b

 String emailMessag = topemail + middleEmail + bottomEmail;

I am using this to iterate the images

 while (scdIterator.hasNext()) {
  middleEmail= "<div><img src=\"someimg1.jpg"\" height=\"115\"></div>";

and need no matter how many image there are the outcome to be


 <div><img src=\"someimg1.jpg"\" height=\"115\"></div>
 <div><img src=\"someimg2.jpg"\" height=\"115\"></div>
 <div><img src=\"someimg3.jpg"\" height=\"115\"></div>
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What's "scdIterator" ? Where do the image file names come from? What exactly is your question? What part do you need help with? – Ernest Friedman-Hill Feb 20 '12 at 23:22
You are iterating over something, but not actually reading the values from the iterator – DNA Feb 20 '12 at 23:23
You're setting a String over and over to be the same thing, and then wonder why it's ... the same thing? – Brian Roach Feb 20 '12 at 23:24
scditerator is information about the products that are in a shopping cart. I then get just the image names of the products using a MMObj. I want to get all the images and sent them in an email. The email message is sent as a string. – user1186453 Feb 21 '12 at 0:42

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You keep replacing middleEmail with a totally new value, instead of appending new information to the end of the previous value. In other words, you need to gradually build up a String from its parts. In Java, the typical way to build up a String piece-by-piece is to use a StringBuilder.

Try something like this:

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
while (scdIterator.hasNext()) {
  Object part =;
  // modify this line to use the value we just got from the iterator somehow
  sb.append("<div><img src=\"someimg1.jpg"\" height=\"115\"></div>");
String middleEmail = sb.toString();
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You don't actually say what your problem is, but... you are iterating over something, but not actually reading the values from the iterator.

Perhaps you want something like:

while (scdIterator.hasNext()) {
  middleEmail= "<div><img src=\"""\" height=\"115\"></div>";

...if your iterator returns filenames

(and see gteff's answer about StringBuilder - you need that too)

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Its always better not to construct html strings inside java code, you could use any templating engine like StringTemplates, which can help you.

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