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Is there any interface or a gem that is useful for a Ruby/Ruby on Rails developer for:

  1. Posting posts;
  2. Sending invatation to friends;
  3. Create events on Facebook
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3 Answers

1 minute of Googling produces:


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True, however the key point is to find the right solution there are many libraries out there and asking people with experience like you are would be beneficial thank you for your answer. –  Jackie Chan Feb 21 '12 at 0:45
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I would check out facebooker or rFacebook but facebooker seems to be much more actively maintained.

Facebooker- https://github.com/mmangino/facebooker

rFacebook- http://rfacebook.rubyforge.org/quickstart.html

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Currently i use the fbgraph gem It was easy to install and there are some examples on github like:


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