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What do different Quartz TriggerState enum states represent and how do they get set?

I have a Spring 3.1 Quartz 2.0.1 utility used to run scheduled jobs. My jobs only repeat a fixed number of times. I expect that my TriggerState to go to COMPLETE when all the jobs are done. However, I see it go from NORMAL to NONE and I never see COMPLETE. I couldn't find much documentation on TriggerState behavior.

Relevant Java code:

SchedulerFactory schedFactory = new StdSchedulerFactory();

Scheduler scheduler =  = schedFactory.getScheduler();
scheduler.scheduleJob(jobDetail, trigger);

while (System.in.available() == 0) {
    // Get trigger state
    TriggerState triggerState = scheduler.getTriggerState(triggerKey);
    if ((triggerState == TriggerState.COMPLETE)) {
    // Sleep for 100 msec

Job configuration in Spring xml:

<bean id="mockJobDetail"
  <property name="jobClass"

<bean id="simpleMockJobTrigger"
      class="org.quartz.impl.triggers.SimpleTriggerImpl" >
  <property name="name" value="simpleMockJobTrigger" />
  <!-- run every 50 milliseconds and start immediately, run 3 times -->
  <property name="repeatInterval" value="50" />
  <property name="startTime">
    <bean factory-bean="dateFormat" factory-method="parse">
      <constructor-arg value="2012-01-01" />
  <property name="repeatCount" value="2" />
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From looking at the code, it looks like the TriggerState goes to COMPLETE state and is then immediately removed from all tracking hash maps. That is why scheduler.getTriggerState(triggerKey) returns TriggerState.NONE -- this state is returned when the trigger corresponding to the triggerKey does not exist.

So, to check the completion of a trigger, it is possible to do:

if ((triggerState == TriggerState.COMPLETE) || (triggerState == TriggerState.NONE)) { // do stuff }


to use a custom TriggerListener that does something when the trigger is complete.

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