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I am wondering why is it giving this error "undefined symbol: ssl_hook_Fixup" when I am trying to load in httpd.conf

I installed everything accordingly to the DACS installation guide and apache2 is working with openssl and I can access my pages through https protocol.

There's a brief mention of the error in the DACS installation guide but it really isnt much of a help. Anyone experienced with this problem before?

Any help would be great, thanks

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mod_auth_dacs references symbols in mod_ssl, and apparently those symbols must be defined before mod_auth_dacs is loaded. This can be ensured by statically compiling mod_ssl into httpd (configure httpd with --enable-ssl and verify with "httpd -l") and using

 LoadModule auth_dacs_module modules/

in httpd.conf to dynamically load the mod_auth_dacs module.

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