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I'm trying to use the LocBaml way (this might be my mistake) to localize a WPF application, but this application is deployed with ClickOnce and the publishing process doesn't pick up the localized .resource.dll.

I do add the files to my ClickOnce manifest, and I can see that this part works because when I launch the application, I get an error saying that the application can't find fr\LocalizationTest.resource.dll. (So at least it knows it should be there...)

The normal way to include a file in a ClickOnce application is simply to add it in the Project Properties -> Publish -> Application Files menu, but my localized resources are not in there.

What can I do ?

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Turns out adding a dummy Resources.fr.resx in the Properties folder fixed the problem. With that the publishing process picked up the translated .dll and the ClickOnce application worked as expected.

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