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I have a problem with FPDF in landscape mode. The whole text-stuff works pretty well.

But if I insert an image that is wider than 21 cm (8,27 inch), it jumps one line down. I tried to use

$pdf -> setLineWidth(280); but that doesn't work.

Does anybody know a solution on this issue?

Thanks a lot, greets


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can you please write here code you are using ?? –  Milap Feb 21 '12 at 6:25
julian, works fine for me. –  ghoti Feb 21 '12 at 6:38
What works fine for you? The setLineWidth(); function? I think it work for me too but it has no effect to the Image(); function... Did you understand my problem? Maybe the more detailed description of my problem below is better. –  Julian Feb 21 '12 at 15:43
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Of cause I can paste some code. But it will never help you understanding my problem. It's just like it is.

$pdf = new FPDF("L", "mm", "A4");
$pdf -> Open();
$pdf -> SetMargins(6, 15);
$pdf -> AddPage();
$pdf -> SetAutoPageBreak(false);
$pdf -> Image("projekt.jpg", "150", "8", "60");

I place it 150 mm from left. Plus 60 mm width of the picture equals 210 mm, the exact width of an A4 page in Portrait mode. But when I put the page into landscape mode (new width is about 290 mm), and place the image 151 mm from left, it jumps one line down.

So it seems as FPDF's Image(); function doesn't recognize the document's orientation.

Maybe someone got a solution…

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