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What ImageMagick command will display the orientation of a JPG file?

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You can use

identify -format '%[EXIF:Orientation]' <image.jpg>

as per identify -format docs (It's the bit further down about exif metadata).


identify -verbose <image.jpg>

To see what metadata is in the image (for example if the image was not taken with a camera, the orientation tag will not be set).

Alternatively you could do something like

identify -format '%wx%h' <iamge.jpg>

which gives you the width by height (e.g. '800x598', '1936x2592') and use these to determine whether the image is upright or not (not sure how reliable this is though - sometimes you take a portrait image with a camera and the EXIF data will correctly record the orientation, but the image may still appear landscape).

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