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I have a working webservice that uses C# to exchange JSON data with an Android Device (thank you GSON!). The method ultimately returns a valid JSON response.

[WebMethod(EnableSession = true,Description="My Description")]
public string PostBatchData(Batchdata batchdata)
 //  my method
return JSONstring;

I want to use so I can do error checking, etc. My question is: How should I cast the object (this is receiving JSON in the HTML POST) to string so I can use to parse the POST? I've tried

public string PostBatchData(string batchdata){}

but this approach isn't working (probably looking for arguments in the URL).

The excerpt below is what Fiddler is catching... (I've edited for brevity).

Accept: application/json
Content-type: application/json
Content-Length: 2088
Content-Type: application/json
Connection: Keep-Alive
{"batchdata":{"uname":"user1... }

Within the method, I think I want to use something like:

var container = Test.DeserializeFromJson<RootObject>(jsonstring); 

but I am asking for a hint on how to populate jsonstring from the HTTP POST.

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You can Deserialize the Batchdata object to JSON first.

string json = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(batchdata);
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