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I'm looking for the best procedure to rename my app in the App Store. I have a free iPhone app that I released last year. I'm a hobbyist programmer. When I went to update it for 2012, I wanted to use the storyboard feature in 4.2, so I rewrote it. It has been approved and I have removed the original App. However, I unfortunately renamed the app differently than my original one and now I'm not getting as many downloads. I would like to correct this.

What is my best option to re-release it with the name I want? Re-submit a new app?

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Perhaps this answers your question - "renaming your app only when you submit a new version".… – cDima Feb 21 '12 at 3:29

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In general, if you want to change the name of an app that is on the app store, you can do that when submitting a new binary.

However, you can't reuse the name of the app that was deleted from iTunes Connect, see here, and here for more information.

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Thank you all, I'll explore those suggestions.:) – TCunningham Feb 22 '12 at 5:29

Just submit a new version of the app and change the name in iTunes connect for the new version. Also remember to change the bundle display name in the -info.plist when building the new version.

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As you said, you can rename the app when submitting a new binary which may be the easiest option.

Alternatively, you can also mail and ask them to change the name for you. This might actually take longer though as dev support usually takes 3-4 days to reply.

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You could reuse the App Name of the app you have deleted if you change the Default Language of the application information.

Full details here:

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