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I am using a loop to create dynamic checkboxes as described here

Everything works as expected and I have successfully created a table with 2 columns: userid and preferences. Each checkbox has a unique preference value associated and If it is checked, then php stores it in a mysql database.

Now i need to repopulate the checkboxes if the user comes back on the page another day.

My idea (maybe not good enough..)

SELECT preference FROM Preference table WHERE UserId=CurrentUserId

and I can call the query result ---> $result[]

Now I got all the preferences of a certain user in a variable and I can make a loop with a IF condition when creating the dynamic checkboxes:

IF $result equals the current checkbox id then write checked

but I am not fully sure how to make it work and if it would work..any ideas?

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Here's a quick and dirty solution. It's obviously not the best, but it gets the job done. $form = 'Your HTML content'; $form = str_replace("<input type=\"checkbox\" value=\"{$result}\" />", "<input type=\"checkbox\" value=\"{$result}\" checked />", $form); –  qsheets Feb 21 '12 at 4:18

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It is exactly as you said.

  1. Get the preferences from database for the current online user ($clientId).

    $query = "SELECT preference FROM Preference WHERE userId = $clientId";
    $res = sql_query($query, $connection);
    while($userPreference = mysql_fetch_array($res))
      $userPreferences[$userPreference] = true;

    I will assume they have a unique identifier called preference.

  2. Iterate over all the preferences, checking against the selected $userPreferences from database.

    foreach($preferences as $preference) {
      $checked = $userPreferences[$preference] ? 'checked' : '';
      echo "<input type='checkbox' value='{$preference}' $checked />";

Something like this should be enough to recreate the layout and choose user preferences.

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I tried to implement your code but I am a beginner and I didn't succeed.. I pasted my full code here: maybe you can understand better codepad.org/qluIjByA –  Mark Belli Feb 22 '12 at 16:45

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