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The system that I work with sends an email to the users to allow them to view a ticket page. The database asks for a log in if the user hasn't signed in yet, however, it also asks if they are. I am looking for a way for validating that the user is already signed into the application and not require them to sign back in every time that open a new url.

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You should spend some more time explaining the context of your problem. What you have described is not clear, and you cannot expect anyone to help you without a better and more detailed explanation. – CodeMonkey Feb 21 '12 at 3:55
What have you tried so far?? – Fahim Parkar Feb 21 '12 at 3:59

Do you mean that they have a browser open and they are authenticated to Apex at the time you send them the email?

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Stumbled upon this thread in the OTN Application Express forums. The solution there seems to be a fix for what you need! APEX 4.1 Login page kills existing session cookie It looks for an existing cookie, checks session ids, and then allows resuming your session!

Still, watch out: closing the browser kills the cookies, so if your users do this, you'll need to teach them not to do so.

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