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Iam new to bash script programming.

I want to implement a bash script deploymLog, which accepts as input one string argument(name)


 [root@localhost Desktop]# ./deploymLog.sh name

Here i want to pass the string argument through terminal.

As an initial step, I need to append the current timestamp along with this input string to a log file say Logone.txt in current directory in the below format

[name]=[System time timestamp1]
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I'm not sure, I have understand what you want.



    if [ $# -eq 0 ];then
      echo "Failed, please enter a name" >&2
      exit 1

    if  [ $# -gt 1 ];then
      echo "Too much arguments" >&2
      exit 1

    echo "$1=`date +%s`" >> $LOGFILE

This small script add a name and system timestamp to a file named Logone.txt.


$ ./deploymLog Marcel
$ ./deploymLog Jean
$ ./deploymLog Picsou
$ cat Logone.txt

EDIT : This script is for Unix bash and not for batch, I think you want it under windows batch, change your bash to batch in your description to avoid confusing, and sorry I can't help you, I do not know anything about batch.

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# Check that exactly one argument was given
test $# = 1 || { echo usage: $(basename $0) name; exit 1; } >&2

exec >> Logone.txt                    # redirect output to log file
printf "[%s]=[%s]\n" "$1" "$(date)"   # print [name]=[timestamp]
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