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So I created on my production server a bare repo, and on my client machine I am committing and pushing to the master branch within it. This is fine and dandy and I setup a hook to automatically deploy from the bare repo, but I just set up a dev server.

Now I want to work locally and push everything to my dev server, and from there (if things look good and aren't broken) I want to be able to deploy it to my production server.

What are the steps I need to take to do this?

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Transferring to a production server is generally hard, because:

  • the access is quite limited and controlled
  • you need to be extra sure that you did copied everything you need (ie no data corruption)

What you can do is updating on your dev server a bundle of your repo. Or, if you don't have git on your server, at least an archive.
Both options are detailed in "backing up project which uses git".

The idea is to:

  • transfer only one file
  • git clone (if you transfer a bundle) or simply uncompress (if you transfer an archive)
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