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I have a code to send data to serial port. I just want to make sure that it is sending the data properly. I checked the function's return value and the number of bytes written and it is success. Is there any other way to actually see the data whatever i am writing?

if(WriteFile(m_hSerialComm, pszBuf, dwSize, &dwNumberOfBytesWritten, NULL) != 0)

I tried to use "Advanced Terminal Port software"

but the data is not coming in that window.

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There are several ways to test your software. If you have two serial ports then connect them with a cable and listen on the other port with a terminal application such as the one you mentioned. Otherwise, you could loop back on the same port by connecting pins 2 and 3 together. A hardware-free option would be to use virtual serial ports as provided by tools like com0com.

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its helpfull, now i am able to use Terminal application and send data and it works. Even with C# code it works but when i use CreateFile it fails saying cannot find Error file not found –  Jeeva Feb 21 '12 at 7:06

Assuming from your piece of code that you are developing on a Microsoft Windows operating system, I would recommend the Portmon for Windows "official" serial port monitoring utility. I have used it in in the past, and found it simple enough, and also quite useful specifically for its multiple filtering/search options (since sometimes the amount of data passed on your serial port is huge).

If all you want is a log of the data you have written to your own port, why not encapsulate your WriteFile (and maybe also your ReadFile) functions in some "utility" function(s) that reads/writes both on your serial port and in some log file? You could even add timestamps, and filter "whatever you are looking for" straight from your own code.

I found this last option really useful when remotely debugging applications with customers. You add a button in your application that toggles the logging on and off, then you simply have to ask your customer to hit the "log" button and to send you the results.

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Note that PortMon is not supported on 64 bit versions of windows. –  Scott Chamberlain Feb 21 '12 at 6:49

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